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Public Urged Not to Be Provoked

He argued that the public must be patient.

Translator: Maya I Editor: Isnan

TIMUR MEDIA – The East Kalimantan Government asked the public not to be easily provoked when talking of the new capital city in Penajam Paser Utara.

The province secretariat’s head of administration bureau, Syafranuddin conveyed the call. He argued that the public must be patient in responding to various issues and views of certain parties that could disturb the regional situation.

He want public trust the government. “Thus, the government invites and asks all citizens to be patient and grateful. Let’s just say that UU Ibu Kota Baru (Capital City Law) is the most beautiful gift for the people of East Kalimantan,” said Syafranuddin, recently on Sunday, January 23.

He hoped that the public will not respond to circulating issues from people who rejected the relocation of the capital. What’s important is, he underlined, to stay calm and not easily be provoked.

“Let people with their opinions. What’s certain is East Kalimantan has officially become the location for the capital city relocation,” said the governor’s spokesman.

Syafranuddin went on to say that the public should prepare themselves for the relocation. “Be patient and focus on welcoming the relocation of the capital city. Let’s maintain the peace that’s been built by far,” he said.



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