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Prevent Corona, Herbal Medicine Production Association

Report: Robi| Editor: Faisal

TIMUR MEDIA – The Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) of East Kalimantan initiated an herbal formulation which was then mass produced. This step was taken as an effort to ward off the spread of the corona virus.

Head of East Kalimantan IDI Dr. Nataniel Tandirogang explained, herbs made from spices ingredients. Then processed to produce drinks.

The processed products are packaged in bottles to be distributed to medical personnel and the wider community.

“This herbal medicine can increase endurance. So we took the initiative to make it, “explained Nataniel, Saturday 28 March 2020.

He explained the herbs made from turmeric, ginger, bitter, moringa leaves, meniran, and kelulut honey. These ingredients are considered capable of increasing the body’s immunity against virus attacks.

The material was processed by IDI Kaltim at the Mulawarman University Pharmacy Laboratory. In the meantime, the amount produced is still limited before the efficacy trial is conducted.

“The trial will be given to people in good health. Then we know the taste, side effects such as allergies that are caused, “he explained.

The trial process takes three days. If successful, then IDI East Kalimantan will produce more.

At present the production is still on a local scale. For this reason, the distribution is limited to only medical staff and the community in Samarinda City.

“As an initial stage, as many as 1,000 liters of herbal medicine will be produced. Residents who drink herbal medicine must ensure that they are not allergic to any of the herbal ingredients, “he explained.

To consume it, IDI East Kalimantan recommends drinking once every two days. He reminded this herbal medicine is not to cure patients infected with corona.

But counteract it by increasing the body’s immunity or resistance to virus attacks.

“So, the virus does not easily enter the body,” he explained.



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