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Hj. Kasmah Fights for Constituent Aspirations

Report: Taufik Hidayat I Editor: Basir

TIMUR MEDIA – Member of Parliament in Balikpapan, Hj. Kasmah, promised to continue to fight for the aspirations of his constituents. This emerged when this Golkar politician met face to face with his voters.

Kasmah, explores the complaints and desires of its citizens during the recess of the first session of this year, Monday, February 2, 2021. The recess is packed with a dialogue agenda to accommodate problems in the region.

Dozens of residents followed the agenda of the recess from the members of the Parliament of Commission II. From youth, delegations of dozens of RTs, village officials, to local community leaders.

The event was held at the residence of Hj. Kasmah, in Kelurahan Graha Indah RT 20, in front of SMPN11. In the meeting, 10 suggestions came up.

Among other things, the problem of flooding, drainage, semenisation. In addition, there are also complaints about street lights which are considered unsolvable. There are also Graha Indah residents who want the RT expansion.

“Another problem is related to the lack of zoning related to the education sector,” said Hj. Kasmah.

The residents of RT 23 mostly focus on drainage, which has not been completed in the past year.

However, Hj. Kasmah tried and will continue to strive to fight for, voices the restlessness of her constituents.

“I have been there twice, I will take his orders and fight for them. I happen to be part of the workshop in the office,” said Hj. Kasmah.

She will also try to fight for an additional budget to solve the problems experienced by residents of North Balikpapan in general.

Hj. Kasmah also added that he would continue to accommodate and fight for the complaints and problems raised by its citizens.

She hopes that his constituents can be patient waiting for the resolution of related problems. Especially in the midst of a budget deficit and the impact of the pandemic.

“All those complained about earlier, I will definitely try but have to wait for the process. But I will definitely fight for it,” said Hj. Kasmah.

She will also carry out a further recess with a door to door pattern. This is to capture the aspirations of the community, especially in the North Balikpapan area.

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