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Corona Handling Allocated Rp. 9 Billion

Report: Hendra | Editor: Nina

TIMUR MEDIA – Corona virus handling budget in Balikpapan is billion. Estimated by the Health Office, Covid-19 countermeasures could absorb funds of Rp 9 billion.

Head of Balikpapan Health Office Andi Sri Juliarty, explained that such a large budget will be used for the next few months.

“What I know is that yesterday’s medical needs reached Rp 9 billion. But this is for the next three months, “he explained.

The estimated billions of funds are for the needs of protective equipment for health workers. However, the special funds for handling Covid-19 may change at any time according to the proposal.

He explained the needs in question such as masks, rapid tests for the community, and personal protective equipment or PPE. Good for medical personnel in hospitals and field observations.

“Including the purchase of antiseptic liquids, such as handsinitizer and disinfectant,” he explained.

According to him all medical personnel must be protected. Therefore, rapid test is one of the crucial tools needed.

“We bought a rapid test and we budgeted it too, while waiting from the ministry. Which comes first so it will be implemented faster, “he said.



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