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Budiono’s Great Method Explores Aspirations

In addition, they can fill out the form provided beforehand.

Report: Taufik Hidayat I Editor: Basir

TIMUR MEDIA – There was something different during the recess of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament in Balikpapan, Budiono, during Session I this year.  Unlike the general recess by holding a dialogue.  These humble legislators use such a clever pattern.

The beautiful way that Budiono did was by visiting the residents, one by one, door to door.  He visited the houses of his constituents at RT 38, 33, 27 Baru Ilir, and at RT 14 Margo Mulyo, Wednesday, 3 March 2021. He took this step to avoid crowds.

“The condition is still a pandemic, so I chose to pick up the ball,” said Budiono, while explaining how he was doing to get to know the residents more closely.  Thus, when exploring their aspirations, they do not hesitate to share their grievances.

Budiono said, the recess was done with a ball pick-up pattern for two consecutive days.  From March 2-3.  On the 2nd, the locations visited included RT 45, 22, 44, 19 Margomulyo, RT 2 and RT 3 Baru Ulu, RT 17 Baru Ilir.

“To avoid the spread of Covid 19,” he said.  As a result, he concluded that door-to-door pickup was considered more effective.  The reason is that the residents are more reluctant and more open.  In addition, they can fill out the form provided beforehand.

“House-to-house visits are more effective, because I can hear complaints directly.  Not only that, I can see the condition and shortcomings of residents firsthand, “he said.  In this way, he also has more aspirations to explore.

Among other things, complaints about infrastructure, drainage, alleys, and road semisization.  “Including the demand for infrastructure in the field of education,” said this senior PDI-P politician.

Another complaint, still around classic issues.  Namely, it is difficult for residents to get clean water from PDAM.  “They have been proposing the installation and connection of PDAMs for a long time, but until now this has not been realized,” said Budiono.  Another complaint relates to public street lighting, which has long been out.

“And until now there has been no improvement.  If the night becomes so dark, “he said.  The results of the residents’ complaints, continued Budiono, had been recorded, memorized and would be fought for.  He also asked related public services to bring up what the public had been complaining about so far.

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