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Budiono and Gultom Inaugurated

Report: Taufik Hidayat I Editor: Isnan

TIMUR MEDIA – Balikpapan Parliament Member Budiono, Tuesday 9 February 2021, is inaugurated as Deputy Chair of the DPRD.  This PDIP politician from the West Balikpapan electoral district has replaced the position left by Thohari Aziz.

Chairman of the Balikpapan Parliament, Abdulloh said, Budiono’s inauguration as Deputy Chairman of the Balikpapan DPRD coincided with Pantun Gultom.

Budiono and Gultom were inaugurated at the 5th Balikpapan DPRD Special Plenary Session, the 1st Session Period in 2021. They will be inaugurated at the Novotel Balikpapan Hotel.

“The Balikpapan DPRD will hold an inauguration Plenary Meeting for replacing Pak Pantun Gultom, as well as inaugurate Pak Budiono as Deputy Chairman of the Balikpapan DPRD,” Abdulloh said, Monday.

The inauguration procession of Budiono and Gultom at the Novotel Hotel, was carried out with a limited number of participants according to health protocols. The Balikpapan Parliament will also broadcast this inauguration with a virtual meeting through the Zoom application.

“Insha Allah, on Wednesday during the Balikpapan Anniversary ceremony, Mr. Budiono has received the title of Deputy Chairman of the Bakikpapan DPRD for the 2019-2024 period,” explained Abdulloh.

Acting Secretary of the Balikpapan DPRD Makmur added, according to the Decree of the Governor of East Kalimantan Number 171.2 / 02 / B.PP0D.III / 2021 concerning the Appointment of PAW Members of the Balikpapan DPRD will be held on February 9, 2021.

“Insha Allah, the replacement of Deputy Chairperson of the Balikpapan DPRD, the late Thohari Aziz from the PDI-P Party, previously participated in the 2020 Pilkada which will be replaced by Pantun Gultom, as well as Budiono who will be appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Balikpapan DPRD,” explained Makmur.

He explained that in the inauguration the number of invited guests would be limited.  “We will also invite each faction and community leaders and families,” he explained.  According to the results of the meeting, the inauguration will be limited to a maximum of 100 invited people.

Budiono asked for prayers that his inauguration and term of office as Deputy Speaker of Parliament could go ahead as expected.  “Please pray, Mas,” said Budiono.

The inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Balikpapan, Rizal Effendi, and other officials.  The inauguration was attended by less than 100 people.

Inauguration and oath of office can be witnessed virtually as a form of implementation of health protocol implementation.  The press who was present was also limited to taking photo sessions.

In his remarks, Abdulloh said that Thohari Aziz resigned as chairman and member of the DPRD on September 23, 2020, in order to participate in regional head elections and become elected deputy mayors so it is necessary to systematically change and change the membership of the Balikpapan City DPRD for the remaining term of 2019-2024.



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