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Balikpapan, New Area for Corona Local Transmission

Report: Maya| Editor: Isnan Rahardi

TIMUR MEDIA – Balikpapan City, currently a new local transmission area, spreads corona or Covid-19. Local transmission is the transmission of viruses between people that occur in one region.

The entry of Balikpapan as a new local transmission area was posted on the official website of the government for handling corona outbreaks, covid19.kemkes.go.id.

Balikpapan becomes the third region outside of Java, which is the local corona transmission.

Before Balikpapan, there were Makassar City and Pontianak City, which were Covid-19’s local transmission areas.

With the addition of Balikpapan, currently there are a total of 21 regions that have become Covid-19 local transmissions. This area is spread over eight provinces.

DKI Jakarta is declared as a province with all regions being local transmissions.

The highest transmission area is West Java, which is seven regencies / cities. Followed by East Java there are six regencies / cities.



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