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Balikpapan has Prepared 47 Injection Sites

Report: Maya I Editor: Isnan

TIMUR MEDIA –  The Balikpapan government has begun to prepare 47 places.  Later this will be the location for the first stage of second term of the Covid-19 vaccine injection. The execution will begin in February 2021. This was conveyed by the Head of the Health Service, Andi Sri Juliarty, Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

According to her, the 47 places include puskesmas, clinics and hospitals.  “We have seen earlier and all eligible,” she said.  The injection site requires a large space.  Besides that, there needs to be an internet network.

“Because we input all the data directly into the BPJS Pcare application, and we have prepared this,” she explained.  For vaccine storage in the form of a refrigerator, her  crew has prepared two options.

First, use the existing pharmaceutical installation or refrigerator, but it can only accommodate up to 5,400 files.  “So if they do not come at once, we will accommodate 5,400 files there,” she said.

However, if the distribution exceeds that amount, her crew prepares another plan.  “Our Plan B is asking for cooperation with a large pharmaceutical company that usually distributes vaccines in Balikpapan, there is already a private party,” she explained.

Shee also reminded that the vaccine storage area must be protected by electricity.  “Don’t let the electricity go out.  There are many facilities that must be prepared because the temperature must be maintained, so that there is no blackout in the area, the generator must be ready, ”she recalled.

For injecting personnel, dozens of people have been prepared.  They have done the workshop twice.  “The vaccinators have been in the workshop with 82 people, at first, the second are 35 people,” she said. Her crew plans to conduct a workshop for the third time.

Regarding the vaccination target, the first stage is 5,759 health workers who will be injected with the Covid-19 vaccine.  Of that amount, 11,569 doses were prepared because they would get two injections.  Regarding vaccination for the community, we still waiting for the central instruction.



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