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121,227 Corona Patients Heal

Report: Maya | Editor: Hendro

TIMUR MEDIA – Data updates the development of corona patients in the world, bringing a breath of fresh air. As of Friday, March 27, 2020, the number of patients recovering had reached 121,227 people.

This data was reported by Worldometer, an online site that monitors the movements of corona patients in 155 countries. The total number of corona cases in the world reached 503,218 people. Of this number 22,240 patients have died.

Previously, the Indonesian Doctors Association or IDI asked the Indonesian people not to unnecessarily panic over the corona virus. Because, although the spread is fairly fast but the cure rate reaches 97 percent.

That was stated by IDI COVID-19 Alert & Preparedness Task Force member, doctor Erlina Burhan.

He warned this disease should not be confused with bird flu which has a high mortality rate.

“Covid-19 clinical symptoms are mild, talk data that died 3 percent, the possibility of cure 97 percent,” he said.

He stressed, patients with positive corona can recover with symptomatic and supportive therapy. Namely, treatments to reduce symptoms and increase the body’s immune system.

“This corona virus is a self limiting disease or a disease that can heal itself by relying on immune system resistance, so it can be overcome with the body’s immune system,” Erlina explained.

Indonesian Tuberculosis Expert Committee Dr. Pandu Riono, MPH, PhD in a press conference March 24, 2020, explained corona victims who died due to being affected by congenital diseases.

“Indeed, the deceased was greatly influenced by the patient’s health condition,” he said.

According to him if the patient has experienced chronic diseases such as diabetes, tuberculosis, asthma and so on, and then infected with the corona virus, the condition is not optimal.

“So it is easy to fall into critical condition and die,” he explained.



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